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Kam Looney

Business Banking Officer

Kam Looney, the most connected Banker in Colorado.

Kam Looney, the most connected Banker in Colorado. She is the Business Banker that can find a solution for anything with her wide range of connections in Colorado.

Kam K Looney
Business Banking Officer
p. 303.316.5951 | [email protected]

When co-hosted the KLP Derby Party, a commercial broker came up to me and asked me if I was Kam Looney that helped sponsor the event.

We got to talking and set an appointment to meet the next week because his company, Fuller Realestate, was looking for a good partnership with a commercial lender. Since then- I have gotten 3 big commercial referrals from him that is a $26 million purchase, 4.2 million purchase and a 2.6 that I am currently working on.  He also set up a happy hour with his Fuller Realestate team(@20 people) and US Bank. I’m excited I meet his team and grow that relationship.

This new, profitable relationship is due to being a part of Kevin Larson Presents events!

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